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Friday, July 19th

9 PM Start Time

The Great Notch Inn

400 U.S. Hwy 46 W

Little Falls, NJ 07424


Check out our acoustic act, The Paradise Vendors!


Check out Gene & Jeff's all-star Latin-Beatles recording extravaganza, The Gringo Starr Project!


the brothers

Harvey Wechter
Harvey Wechter

Steve Doman
Steve Doman

Steve Giordano
Jeanne Gumeny

Gene Downin
Jeff Fariello

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About the band...

Ingredients:  1 prime cut of Steve "Doc"  Doman on drums, vocals, & witty repartee

1 heaping serving of Harvey "Lightnin'" Wechter on guitar, vocals, & quick, decisive "pun"-ishment

1 generous serving of Jeanne "Mama' Loca"  Gumeny on bass guitar and solid groove anchor

1 thick slice of Jeff "King Jeffe'" Fariello on guitar, vocals, and good libations

Combine all ingredients into one cohesive, groovin' unit. Season thoroughly with a dash of Soul, a touch of Funk, a generous sprinkling of Classic R&B, and most importantly, loads of Rock & Roll. Let simmer for a good long while, to allow all of the flavors to meld together. What you'll have when you're finished is a dish that not only tastes great, but is good for you, too! 

The secret to mastering this fine dish lies in the quality of the ingredients. Each individual ingredient brings something unique and indispensable to the whole meal. Whether it's a savory sense of arrangement, a smooth textured vocal style, a sweet, solid backbeat, or a tangy melodic twist, each ingredient is complementing the others, culminating in a taste much greater than the sum of it's flavors.

This dish has been pleasing the hungry masses of New Jersey club patrons for more than 20 years now, and like a fine wine, it just keeps getting better with age.